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George Fest (tributo a George Harrison) - il singolo e video di Here comes the Sun con Perry Farrell

George Fest (tributo a George Harrison) - il singolo e video di Here comes the Sun con Perry Farrell
Hot Records Ltd. e Vagrant Records sono orgogliose di presentare George Fest: A Night To Celebrate The Music Of George Harrison. Registrato e filmato il 28 settembre 2014 al The Fonda Theater di Los Angeles, questo tributo meraviglioso sarà disponibile in 4 formati: 2xCD/DVD, 2xCD/Blu-Ray, 3xLP (180 gram) e digital download.

Prodotto da Dhani Harrison e David Zonshine.

Harrison racconta, “ho sempre immaginato un piccolo club dove la mia generazione di musicisti potesse suonare i pezzi più profondi della sua carriera. Così, in modo completamente nuovo e vibrante, mi sono ritrovato sul palco con alcuni dei miei eroi musicali al suono della musica più familiare della mia vita. Spero che l’ascolto possa essere piacevole per voi come lo è stato per me. Sono le migliori interpretazioni che avrei mai potuto immaginare per George”.

La line up include: Brian Wilson, Nora Jones, Brandon Flowers (Killers), Conan O’Brien, The Flaming Lips, Ben Harper, Britt Daniel (Spoon), Ann Wilson (Heart), Dhani Harrison, “Weird Al” Yankovic, Nick Valensi (The Strokes), Perry Farrell e molti altri

Oltre alla registrazione del concerto il DVD contiene interviste con i musicisti che raccontano quanto George Harrison sia stato influente per la loro arte, immagini backstage e prove del concerto.

Registrato e filmato il 28 settembre 2014 al Recorded and filmed on September 28th, The Fonda Theater di Los Angeles. Per capire cosa aspettarsi puoi vedere il video di 'Handle With Care,' featuring Brandon Flowers dei The Killers, Norah Jones, Wayne Coyne dei The Flaming Lips, Britt Daniel degli Spoon, "Weird Al" Yankovic, Dhani Harrison, Jonathan Bates dei Big Black Delta e tanti altri! Brian Wilson parlando di Harrison ci dice "L’ho sempre amato quando era nei The Beatles. Poi quando ho sentito "My Sweet Lord” mi è mancato il respire. Non potevo crederci. Era uno dei pezzi più belli che avevo mai sentito e tuttora significa molto per me. Sono molto orgoglioso di essere parte di questo progetto e di esprimere le mie emozioni riguardo a Harrison cantando una sua canzone. E’ un vero onore”.
Conan O'Brien confessa "era un chitarrista talmente eccezionale da intimidirci ancora oggi”

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1. Introduction
2. Old Brown Shoe Conan O’Brien
3. I Me Mine Britt Daniel from Spoon
4. Ballad of Sir Frankie Crisp (Let It Roll) Jonathan Bates with Dhani Harrison
5. Something Norah Jones
6. Got My Mind Set On You Brandon Flowers from The Killers
7. If Not For You Heartless Bastards
8. Be Here Now Ian Astbury from The Cult
9. Wah-Wah Nick Valensi from The Strokes
10. If I Needed Someone Jamestown Revival
11. Art of Dying Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
12. Savoy Truffle Dhani Harrison
13. For You Blue Chase Cohl with Weezer’s Brian Bell on guitar
14. Beware Of Darkness Ann Wilson from Heart


1. Let It Down Dhani Harrison
2. Give Me Love (Give Me Peace On Earth) Ben Harper
3. Here Comes The Sun Perry Farrell from Jane’s Addiction
4. What Is Life “Weird Al” Yankovic
5. Behind That Locked Door Norah Jones
6. My Sweet Lord Brian Wilson with Al Jardine
7. Isn’t It A Pity The Black Ryder
8. Any Road Butch Walker
9. I’d Have You Anytime Karen Elson
10. Taxman Cold War Kids
11. It’s All Too Much The Flaming Lips
12. Handle With Care Brandon Flowers, Dhani Harrison, Jonathan Bates “Weird Al” Yankovic, Britt Daniel and Wayne Coyne
13. All Things Must Pass Ann Wilson, Dhani Harrison, Karen Elson and Norah Jones

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AL JARDINE: …he’ll always be remembered as an iconic figure in one of the great iconic bands of all time. And his contributions were so important. So it was just a great legacy to have.

ANN WILSON: George gave to musicians an idea that you could be a spiritual rock ‘n roller, the two do mix. He was able to infuse his songs with a really subtle, beautiful sense of spirituality that, I think, very very few other people did. A lot of people got heavy handed about it. But George was just perfect about it.

BEN HARPER: I mean you could get up there and do a hack version of it, but if you wanna do it justice in a way that you only hope would make him proud, you’ve gotta put the time in. Because there is rhythmic intricacies that play off of vocal intricacies. And by the way, George is one of the five greatest slide guitar players of all time. I mean I spent the better part of a week working on that slide line alone. I feel so privileged and fortunate. A million people would wanna be up there and I get to do it and I feel really lucky.

BRANDON FLOWERS from The Killers: Just his ability to do what he did next to the monster that is Lennon and McCartney and to still be able to succeed the way that he did. That’s inspirational I think to me in a lot of ways. Well I think what’s exciting is you get to see this repertoire and the accumulation of so much good music. And it’s impressive to see what some of the giants have done.

BRIAN WILSON: Well I always liked him when he was in The Beatles. And then when I heard “My Sweet Lord” I just about croaked. I couldn’t believe it. It was one of the most unbelievable pieces of music I’ve ever heard. Oh, it means a lot to me. I’m very proud to be apart of it and to express my feelings about his music by singing his song. “George, I cannot tell you how much your music has meant to me and it’s an honor to sing it.”

BRITT DANIEL from Spoon: Yeah. I mean, my dad had all The Beatles records so I would hear those growing up. And I stole this Beatles for Easy guitar book and that’s basically how I learned guitar. Cause I knew the songs so I could play along and strum and sing to these very easy versions of the tune.

CONAN O’BRIEN: He was such a craftsman on guitar that he intimidates to this day.

DHANI HARRISON: I think it’s quite an eclectic group of songs that we’ve chosen from my dad’s career. There’s a song for everyone in there. I never thought about what our generation was capable of and how much they actually appreciated his music, and everyone does I’ve been reduced to tears several times this week by unexpected performances.

IAN ASTBURY from The Cult: It’s just like… he’s omnipresent. His energy, his spirit. …In many ways, George is the father of building that bridge between popular culture and Eastern, you know, conscious. He certainly made it more accessible. Certainly for me. ...

JIMMY VIVINO: All these kids are gonna walk away better song writers for diving into this material and learning George’s process of harmony and chords and lyrics and beautiful melodies and playing. I think it’s really healthy to do these kind of things to sort of remember where it came from.

KAREN ELSON: I don’t think there’s any musician, singer, artist out there who could deny the impact of George Harrison. I mean and also there’s something for me personally that sets him apart from so many other greats because he just has this deeper connection to his existence that I think really permeates through the music.

WAYNE COYNE: I think he gets credited with being this kind of positive and accepting and all that. But some of his lyrics… when they come from him are like “dang!” He doesn’t hold back. That’s what makes stuff good. Just… it isn’t just music. It’s a way of being; it’s a way of what you wanna say. I don’t know about everybody else but I just kind of jump for joy the whole time even if I’m fucking it up. It’s like look we get to play these songs and no one’s stopping us.

“WEIRD” AL YANKOVIC: one of the things that really struck me was his sense of humor. He wrote some of the most twisted songs in The Beatles body of work and I always thought he was extremely cool.
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